12 11 2007

FastForward Sports Head Coach, Scott Fliegelman, Turns 40!


Today, November 12, 2007, we, your family, friends, fans and one trusted loyal employee wish you the very best as you turn 40! You have achieved such greatness and we cannot wait to see what the next 40+ years bring you! But for now let us see how it all started…

Philadelphia cheered the day you were born, mostly because the Eagles, with QB Norm Snead, actually won a game beating the Los Angeles Rams. Your dad thanks you for waiting to arrive until the game was over!


Your drive and competitive nature to excel started at age 3, when you rode your first two-wheeler into the mail box. (Now that was some single speed cyclocross action!) Although you hurt your shoulder and scared your mother to death, you got right back up on that two-wheeler and kept going…a philosophy you practice and preach today.

We are happy that you traded in going to sleep at night with your toy “Johnny” for your loving wife Liz, who we are sure keeps you safe from any bad dreams. But for those really scary nights; your parents still have your Dennis the Menace doll.

Were your hamsters Pete and Repeat as well behaved as your dog Tali?

You and Basketball? At age 8 you started to play on a basketball team coached by your dad. By age 12 or 13 you were clearly the best player on the team but a slight “height impairment” would soon have you giving up your hoop dreams to become an Ace on the tennis court!

Choosing tennis over basketball proved to be a smart move for you. Even though you cried all the way home when you lost your first open tournament at age 13 (6-0 6-0), you came back with a vengeance two years later, played the same kid in the finals of another tournament with the same score in your favor! Before long you won the 16 and under tournament in the state of Delaware.

Your love of tennis led you to be captain of both your high school and college (Rider University) tennis teams, playing #1 singles. It also helped you to win your wife an iPod in the first and only Wild Oats Tennis Tournament.

Do you remember your first lesson in salesmanship? It came when you were shopping for your first car. You and your dad went to a dealer who was insistent on selling the car for $16,000. Your dad told the salesman “forget about it!” and left the dealership. Devastated, you arrived at the second dealer to buy the same car but for less. This time, you drove off the lot with a 1984 red Honda CRX. Your dad taught you the key was to shut up, because the first guy to speak usually loses!


In college you were president of your fraternity. This love of leadership and the group environment has continued throughout your life and is apparent to all who know you and especially to the members of FastForward Sports who are exposed on a daily basis.

Lastly, your great sense of humor must be influenced by the movies “Airplane”, “My Cousin Vinny”, and “Elf” which you have seen countless times.


· Philadelphia Flyers returned to the “City of Brotherly Love” as an expansion team.

· Led by Wilt Chamberlin, the 76er’s won the title ending the Boston Celtics string of 8 consecutive championships. The Sixers beat the San Francisco Warriors in six games and posted a record 68 win.

· Playing in Connie Mack Stadium the Phillies went 82-80 finishing 5th in the National League

· The “King”, Richard Petty, won his 3rd NASCAR championship.

· Billie Jean King defeated A. Jones (6-3, 6-4) at Wimbledon.

· Movies of 1967:

The Graduate

Bonnie and Clyde

Cool Hand Luke

The Jungle Book

You Only Live Twice

· Song of the Year


· Record of the Year

Stranger in the Night-Frank Sinatra

· Topping the chart the day you were born

Daydream Believer– Monkees

· Famous People who share your birthday:

Joseph Coors (’17)

Nadia Comaneci (’61)

Tonya Harding (’70)

Charles Manson (’34)

Grace Kelly (’28) (also born in Philly)

Sammy Sosa (’68)

David Schwimmer (’68)

Neil Young (’45)

So on this day we wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank you for being our friend, coach, leader, mentor, husband and son! You have blessed each of our lives!