Scott’s 2008 Race Schedule and Results

  • Feb. 16 & 17- 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo (AZ) MTB Race (2 person division with Nick Howe)- 11th of 58. Read Full Story
  • March 1st- Steamboat Pentathlon- DNF (still sick from 24 Hours:))
  • April 12th- Haystack Time Trial (bike)- 42:25 for 16.9 miles; 11th of 42
  • April 19th- Sea Otter Classic MTB Race- 72nd (still too tired to blog about the incredible bonk that sent me from 4th place to 72nd in only 3 miles)
  • April 27th- Cherry Creek Sneak 5-miler- 29:55, 11th place (what’s with 11th this year!)
  • May 4th- Rabbit Mt. TT- 20:10, 23 0f 29. Dropped chain just at the start of the final climb:(
  • May 10th- Barkin’ Dog Duathlon- 1:25:06 (17:43 5K run, 46:23 30K bike, 19:16 5K run) 10th overall, 3rd Overall Age Grouper
  • May 17th- Louisville Coal Miner’s Criterium- 39th place.
  • May 26th- Bolder Boulder 10K- 38:06
  • June 1st- Longmont TRI- 7:42 swim (525), 30:29 bike (12 miles), 45 minute 5K walk!
  • June 7th- Big Sky Duathlon- 1:08:36, 1st Masters.
  • June 15th- 5430 Sprint-  DNS, sick with allergies/ cold.
  • June 29th- Buffalo Springs Lake Half Ironman (70.3)- DNS.  With Brodie’s due date coming up soon, we decided not to risk me being 10 hours away.  Even though he waited another few weeks, it was a good call!
  • June 28th- Plan B- Loveland Lake 2 Lake- 2:28:54, 4th in 40-44 male.
  • July 4th- Superior Downhill Mile (yep… 1 mile downhill!)- 4:30, 13th overall
  • July 6th- Niwot Criterium- Results unknown due to timing error.  Solid race, finished with lead pack.
  • July 13th- Longmont Crit- 42nd, leading with a lap to go… not a good place to be:(
  • July 17th- Brodie Swain Fliegelman is born!
  • July 20th- Boulder Peak Triathlon- Swim 25:18, Bike 1:27:43, DNF.  Not much sleep since Thursday:(
  • July 31st- Pearl Street Mile- 4:55, 5th Masters.
  • August 10th- 5430 Long Course- Swim- 35:45; Bike -2:27:03, Run- DNF (hamstring cramps)
  • August  16th- Boulder Roubaix- DNF
  • Cyclocross Season is Coming!!!

Scott’s 2007 Race Schedule and Results

  • January 14th- 5430 Winter Triathlon (run 5K, snow bike 7.5K, XC ski 8K), Devil’s Thumb Ranch, CO– 1:39:04; 23rd overall; 5th in age 40-44 (new USAT age group this year!),
  • February 3rd- Alley Loop 42K Skate Ski, Crested Butte, CO- 3:30:36; 83rd overall ; 30th in age.
  • February 11th- Screamin’ Snowman 10K Snowshoe Race, Eldora Mt. CO- 1:15:52; 17th overall.
  • February 24th- American Birkebeiner, Cable, WI- Cancelled due to lack of snow
  • March 3rd- Steamboat Pentathlon (ski, snowshoe, skate ski, bike, run)- 2:19:51; 3rd overall.
  • March 17th- Canyonlands Half Marathon, Moab, UT- 1:23:49; 37th overall, 8th in age group
  • April 21st- Spring Desert Ultra (25-miler), Fruita, CO- 4:18:29; 24th overall, 12th in age group.
  • May 5th- Wildflower Long Course Triathlon, CA- 5:32:05
  • May 12th- Barkin’ Dog Duathlon (5K run, 29K bike, 5K run), Cherry Creek Park, CO- 1:25:30; 23rd overall; 2nd in age group; 18:56, 44:34, 20:23.
  • May 28th- Bolder Boulder 10K- 37:31
  • June 3rd- Longmont Sprint Triathlon (625 pool swim, 12 mile bike, 3.25 mile run)- 58:59; 4th overall, 1st in age group.
  • June 9th- Big Sky Duathlon (4K run, 25K bike, 4K run), Bennett, CO- 1:08:41; 9th overall, 1st in age group
  • June 24th- Ironman Coeur d’ Alene- DNF
  • July 4th- Gothic to Crested Butted 1/3 Marathon (8.56 miles or so), CO- 56:34; 4th overall
  • July 29th- Crested Butte Xterra, CO- 2:33:15; 29th overall; 2nd in age group
  • August 12th- 5430 Long Course Triathlon (1.2 swim, 56 bike, 13.1 run), CO-4:43:22 (swim- 33:12; bike- 2:24:29; run- 1:42:52)scott.jpg
  • September 1&2- 24 Hours of Triathlon, Cherry Creek Park, CO- 4th overall SOLO, 16 total triathlons, 8 miles of swimming, 150.4 miles on the bike, and 44.8 miles of running= 203.2
  • ‘Cross Season
    • September 15th- Brektobercross7th in Cat 4/ 35+
    • 9/29- Boulder CX #1 at CU Research Park– 11th place. I arrived about 4 minutes before the start. Liz pinned my # on as I rolled to the start area… missed my very first call-up, but still got to go up near the front. Had a very solid race on a technical course, but a crash on the last lap allowed two riders by… knocking me out of the top 10.
    • 10/13- Gunnison– 3rd place. A ‘breakthrough’ race for me. Although the field was small, I got in the lead group early and the three of us put a good amount of time on the chasing riders. I took my turn at the front for a lap or two, but otherwise was trying to save up some energy for the final lap and a shot at the victory. Unfortunately, along with the inevitable fatigue, came a lapse in focus and I crashed on an off-camber leafy section, and Trent and Dave were gone. Fortunately I had built enough time over the others and I held on for 3rd place.
      • As I’d driven several hours to get here, I decided to also compete in the Cat 4 race an hour later. Thing went about the same as earlier, and I was sitting in 3rd when we came off the grass and into a high speed paved section and suddenly I was sliding on my ass. I got up quickly to inspect the bike, and noticed about half of the rear tire had come off of the wheel. Surprisingly, it popped right back on, but 3 guys has slipped past in the meantime. I hammered to get back on to that group, but had little left in the tank at the end for a sprint, and had to settle for 7th.
    • 10/20- Boulder CX #2 at Interlocken- 15th Place. A huge field of about 100 guys on the start, and I was in 3rd at the first corner. I was sitting on Trent’s wheel (new friend from Gunny) when I ran the barriers and remounted on an uphill section, only to find my rear tire hanging off again. It took a bit longer to get it back on and I didn’t really trust it. I rode cautiously from there and was disappointed despite finishing 15th.
    • 11/3- Redline Cup at Boulder Reservoir– DNF. After my 3rd rolled tire in a row, I left the course and went straight to Colorado Multisport, where Aaron and Ryan spent the afternoon re-gluing my tires, which have stayed put ever since. Thanks guys!
    • 11/4- Boulder Cup at Platts Park/ Southern Hills Middle School 35th place. This was a UCI race with over 100 guys in my category (they combined the Cat 4 35 + with the Cat 4’s). With a start position of about 70, I was pretty pleased to move up into the front 3rd by the end.
    • 11/17- Pikes Peak Supercross in Colorado Springs– 10th place. Not the friendliest course for my Spot/ Carbon Drive Single Speed bike, but I hung tough and made a solid pass at the end to claw into the top ten.
    • 11/24- Boulder CX#3 at Louisville Rec Center 12th place. My first taste of ‘true’ ‘cross weather… about 30 degrees at the start with snow on the course, which started melting about halfway through giving way to slick mud! Another course that did not play to my single-speed, but a solid day with no tire issues… so that’s always nice.
    • 11/25- Foothills Cross in Littleton- 8th place. Another snowy, muddy track that required a lot more bike handling skills than any previous race this season. I spent most of the race sitting on David’s wheel (other friend from Gunny race), alternating between relaxing some on the techy sections, and doing all I could to stay with him whenever the course opened up and he turned on the power. At the end I couldn’t quite catch David, but I did hold off a hard charging Kyle, who’d won last week’s race in C. Springs.
    • 12/2- Red Rocks Velo in Morrison- 6th Place. Learned from last week that I was more comfortable on technical terrain that David, so went hard on the paved climb before the single track section to get just ahead of him. Came out of that section in the top 3, while David and others were about 50 yards back. In the middle of the race, sitting comfortably in 2nd, I thought about making my move, but as a “rookie” opted to sit in as I’m still not sure when/ if I’ll blow up before the end. We got caught by a small group of 4 who passed David and bridged up, and we battled it out to the end where I settled for 6th place.
    • 12/9- State Championships in Lyons- 4th place. After a few days of snow, I was expecting to be running for much of the race, but was pleased to see the course was well packed and super fun. Got a call-up to the 2nd row and head a solid start. Made a big move mid-way to join two others at what I thought was the front, but later found out that one guy got away and soloed to victory. Had a great battle with the other two guys, but ended up 4th after crashing on the last barrier on the last lap. Overall, I felt fantastic the whole race and it was easily my best of the season.


  • 12/15&16- USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships Full Report
    • Masters 40-44: 66th place
    • Single Speed: 38th place
      • Broken rib… so that’s it for 2007!

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22 02 2008
Ulrich Kamm

I don’t know exactly how/where it fits on this page, but I’m sure there are readers here who might be interested in the new type of endurance event we are organizing.

“Extra Mile Endurathon” (EME), Boulder/CO, May 30.

A group of ~25 will walk on a ~4 mile loop in downtown Boulder till only 1 walker is still moving (all others dropped), the winner, who gets $1,000. The last 4 qualify for the EME World Championship in Las Vegas, where the winner gets $10,000. Short stops for food & drink etc., no sleep breaks. No entry fee, charity event.

Several 100 mile runners already entered, as it’s very good training for going through one or more nights, for being on your feet for a long time.

Participants may also choose to just walk as long as they want.

Get all details at

Happy walking,

27 04 2009
Dejan Smaic

RE: Haystack TT pics: several of your team mates did the TT this past Sunday. I have a number of images I captured and posted on my website (see link below) of your riders. Thought this might be of interest. Thanks.

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