Colorado Sports Chiropractic Center is Fast Forward Sports official sports medicine provider offering comprehensive sports injury rehabilitation in Boulder County since 2001. Rather than being a single chiropractic or physical therapy clinic, we offer comprehensive sports medicine, massage, and radiology services including running gait analysis, bicycle fits, and sports nutrition consultation. We work with your family doctor to ensure you’re getting cutting edge advice to speed your recovery. Dr. Jeremy Rodgers and Dr. Maureen Thomm are offering:

$45 initial exam consultation

Priority scheduling at our clinic and our sports medicine partners

Practice coverage several times per month.

Athletes are welcome to use their insurance benefits as we are a provider for most major health insurance plans. Please call us with your insurance information if you’d like advance understanding of your specific plan benefits.

Dr. Jeremy Rodgers, DC, ATC is board-certified in sports medicine and is the medical director for 5430 Sports Triathlons. Being twice nominated as Colorado’s sports chiropractor of the year, he is one of Colorado’s authorities on overuse injuries in the runner and cyclist. As a current member of the US Canoe and Kayak team and former nationally ranked adventure racer, he provides you both with the sports medicine and athlete’s perspective regarding your best treatment options.

Dr. Maureen Thomm, DC is uniquely qualified in all issues related to the female athlete and pediatric/family practice. She has a specific clinical interest in pediatric care and post-graduate training in treatment of the post-partum athlete.

Got questions? We’ve got answers at www.coloradosportschiro.com. 335 South Boulder Road, Louisville, CO. 80027 303-604-4358

Beyer Laser Center is proud to be a sponsor of Fast Forward Sports. Dr. Craig Beyer, an avid triathlete himself, was one of the original pioneers of LASIK. He was a member of the first surgical team to perform a LASIK surgery in the United States. Dr. Beyer has been performing LASIK longer than any other surgeon in Colorado, and he backs up his experience with a 20/20 money-back guarantee.We at Beyer Laser Center are dedicated to restoring Natural Vision to those who are dependent upon corrective eyewear. Our patient’s safety and best interest come before all other considerations. We will always remain innovative, offering the latest technologies that offer the most advantages to our patients. We pay exquisite detail to our services, providing the best possible outcomes while paying special attention to each person’s needs. All of our employees are genuinely friendly, compassionate, and responsible to our patients and their families. To show our support of FastForward Sports, we will offer a $250 price reduction off your LASIK procedure of choice. Please feel free to call us anytime at 303-499-2020 to request more information, or to schedule a FREE Consultation with Dr. Beyer himself. You can also visit us on the web at www.bouldereyes.com.

MassageSpecialists.com is a proud resource partner of FastForward Sports.We believe the prevention of exercise injuries begins with proper soft tissue healthcare. Our organization provides convenient, affordable, highly skilled bodywork and education. We feature over 25 certified massage therapists as well a chiropractor, a rolfer and an acupuncturist.

Additionally, we have one of the only dynamic gait analysis orthotic systems in Colorado. We are open 7 days a week, 12 hours per day, 361 days per year and you can schedule online 24/7. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on
all of our services. We have joined FastForward Sports because we believe in its mission to provide a complete coaching and resource network for anyone trying to enhance their performance or break personal records.

FastForward Sports members receive a 10% discount from MassageSpecialists.com


At Mountain Acupuncture Clinic, we specialize in sports medicine, facilitating exceptional performance with unparalleled care, and support for our athletes. We believe that with the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbology, the body becomes an asset at a level that is otherwise unattainable. Athletes’ are turning to Mountain Acupuncture for injuries, digestive disorders, asthma, allergies, anxiety, insomnia, injury prevention, post race recovery, athletic enhancement, and much more.

Tyler Abby Stroebel is a nationally certified and state licensed acupuncturist, practicing in Boulder, Colorado. As an F4 athlete herself, Tyler has a particular affinity to Fast Forward. If she is not out there practicing or racing with you, you can find her supporting her F4 friends at various races around town.

Fast Forward Sports members will receive a consultation and initial acupuncture treatment for 50% off the original price.

“For the height of performance, Mountain Acupuncture Clinic.”




NatureMed is a unique integrative medical clinic in Boulder. We are unique because we “bridge the gap” between alternative, and conventional medicine. We are a one stop clinic offering prescriptions as well as the latest in alternative and complementary medicine. We can do this thanks to our team of medical and naturopathic doctors.

We understand that athletes have special metabolic, nutritional and medical needs. We use a science-based approach. Specifically, we use treatments that are backed by scientific studies and proven to work. We get to the root cause of a health problem and treat the cause not just the symptoms.

We specialize in treating athletes, going above and beyond typical medical care and using everything modern medicine has to offer to optimize health and athletic performance.

We provide clinical nutrition, intravenous nutrient therapy and recovery strategies, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and advanced nutrition strategies. Optimal training and recovery leads to the highest levels of performance.

We can solve athletic performance issues related to fatigue and energy problems, sports anemia, overtraining, poor recovery, sports fractures, gastrointestinal problems, hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiencies and exercise induced asthma. We see elite and recreational athletes from all over the world. We are fully aware of U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules.

FastForward members receive 20% off initial and return office visits for the 2009 season.

All of our doctors are competitive athletes and understand the needs and demands of amateur and professional sports. We are current and past participants in the FastForward running and triathlon groups and appreciate the opportunity to work with F4 athletes. We enthusiastically look forward to working with you and wish you happy training! Read more about how we can help you at http://www.naturemedclinic.com. Office phone is 303.884.7557.


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