Keep the Winter Fire Burning

7 12 2009

The below advice is provided by F4 Coach Pam Landry:

With a taste of cold temperatures, snow, and less than ideal conditions underfoot recently, (and the option of a fire in the fireplace…) you may have found your motivation lagging to consistently get out there and adhere to your workout schedule. While we often think that motivation comes entirely from within the individual, it’s important to recognize that motivation is actually a function of both the individual (you) and the situation (the environment)… To enhance your motivation over the winter months you’ll want to not only address the ‘You’ part of the equation (i.e. Why do you exercise/train/compete?…What can you do differently to stay on track, etc.) but to also examine situational factors (for example, training partners, the environment or facility where you train, or gear choices to name a few), as these can play a role in your motivation as well.

Here are a few strategies that address both the personal and situational aspects of motivation that may help you to “Keep the Fire Burning” during the winter months. I figure that there are two ways to approach difficulties….Change the difficulties, or change yourself to meet them.

*Look Around You…  Are there things in the environment that can be changed to enhance your motivation?…It may be that simple changes can be made that can have a positive influence on your drive to adhere to a healthy lifestyle…Some examples to get you thinking:

*No Excuses: Just Solutions–

*If you’re not a fan of the winter weather elements in general, seek out and surround yourself with those who truly love the snowy, cold winter conditions… (These folks are typically skiers, snowboarders or skaters)…Their passion for their sport and love of the season can truly be contagious….And you may just find yourself discovering a new sport yourself thanks to them!

*Plan ahead and always have a hefty stash of healthy pre/post-workout snacks in your car for those days when you’re running late…Take care of yourself to avoid letting hunger or low energy derail your plans…(Bonus…No refrigeration needed!)

*While you’re at it, pack a small travel bag for your car as well….Fill it to the brim with additional layers of winter gear choices and accessories, so you’ll always have options on hand to choose from if weather conditions change over the course of the day.

*Save your pennies and invest in just a few pieces of high quality winter weather gear…When you’re comfortable, safe and warm out there, you’ll be able to focus on the workout and enjoy it…which leads to consistency.

*If you tend to get completely wrapped up in your work projects, set an alarm on your phone or watch to prompt you to wrap things up with plenty of time to spare so you can arrive on time for a group workout even in slower winter driving conditions.

*Pop your hat, gloves and socks into the dryer for a few minutes before you head out the door to jumpstart your warm-up on cold days…Comfort leads to happy times out there.

Although there’s a wide range of changes that can be made on the personal level to enhance motivation, one stands out from the crowd during the winter months especially:

*Flexibility with Workouts and Goals—At this time of year it’s helpful to rid yourself of ‘Black and White’/ ‘All or Nothing’ thinking and to realize that the purpose of many workouts may need to be adjusted depending upon the conditions, but that there’s no need to blow off the whole session in its entirety. Icy footing and temps in the teens for example aren’t conducive to a solid speed work session….So let it go, but enjoy a longer, slower base run instead where you can focus on the beauty of the season around you and perhaps enjoy some reflective time alone. Regardless of whether adjustments are needed or not, you can still keep things on track by consistently identifying your daily training or workout goal with the purpose of every workout and how you’re going to benefit from it before you even head out the door. Once you know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and why, it’s a done deal!

Growing up, my Dad used to tell us…

“To be successful, you have to accept all of the challenges that come your way….Not just the ones you like.”

True indeed, Dad…….I think The Man was on to something…


Saturday Post Run Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

1 12 2009

Following this Saturday’s F4 run, let’s help out a friend in need and head right over to this pancake breakfast fundraiser only a few minutes away.  Here are the details:


The Heiman family, Timothy, Tracy and two young sons live on North Cedar Brook Road and experienced the unthinkable some time ago.  Their youngest, Klaus, now six, contracted a rare form of cancer called a sarcoma. The operation has been performed in a New York City hospital and Klaus is back in school.  However, as one might expect, this family’s insurance company has been reluctant to pay the costs of the procedure and medical bills that have accumulated.
Please join us for a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser for Klaus on Saturday December 5th from 7:30am to 11:30am. We’ll be serving pancakes, side dish with coffee and juice at the Pine Brook Hills Fire House (link to map) 1907 Linden Drive.
We hope that you will place this benefit on your calendar and invite others, Pine Brookers or not, to attend.  It’s uncommon to have the chance to assist a family directly.  Here’s your opportunity.  Hoping to see you there!