About F4

FastForward Sports provides year-round training for running, triathlon, fitness and fun! Aspiring and perspiring athletes of all levels gather for weekly group workouts and are welcomed to a non-intimidating and professional environment. Small pace groups are formed with others of similar ability, and led by a FastForward Coach who is hand-picked and specifically trained to work most effectively with that level of athlete.


We promote the philosophy that there are ‘Times of year for Training and Times of year for Playing’, whereby the athlete does not need to aspire to a high level of focus and commitment year-round, but rather chooses 10 to 16 week periods with defined goals and a holistic plan for success. Read more on this subject here.

Originally created just for running, FastForward programs now include triathlon, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, trail/ ultra running, and more adventures are in the works. Training schedules are expertly crafted by leaders in the field with ample feedback from F4 athletes and coaches. As such, workouts are challenging, fun and rewarding, but are also designed to fit into busy lives and may be enjoyed with dozens of others at an F4 workout, or on your own as needed. A customized online schedule/ journal tool is the ‘hub’ for athletes and coaches, allowing access to training information from any computer.

In the past few years, F4 athletes have trained together to achieve their goals at many events around the world, including:

  • Bolder Boulder
  • Canyonlands Half Marathon in Moab
  • 5430 Triathlon Series
  • Chicago Marathon
  • Twin Cities Marathon
  • Denver Marathon
  • Marines Corps Marathon- ‘07
  • Steamboat Pentathlon
  • Rocky Mt. Half Marathon
  • Boulder Backroads
  • More to come…

Get more info about FastForward Sports and register for our next program.


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