CLIF SHOT is all about delivering great-tasting, scientifically-backed, and sustainably-produced products to performance athletes. In other words, energy food can taste great and be made from good-for-the-planet ingredients. It’s that simple.

Enjoy CLIF SHOT Electrolyte Drink, SHOT Bloks, and SHOT gel before and during training and racing, and make sure to follow up with CLIF SHOT Recovery Drink! All tasty, organic products which is why SHOT is the NATURAL PERFORMANCE ENHANCER™.

Check out more cool Clif Stuff at!  See you on the site!

Fuel4mance is owned by Bob Seebohar, one of the foremost Sport Dietitians in the country who specializes in working with endurance athletes ranging from the recreational age-grouper to the very elite athlete.Fuel4mance provides many types of nutritional resources for all ages, types and abilities of endurance athletes and prides itself on “exceeding athlete expectations”. Special care is taken to develop a relationship with each athlete before nutrition services are developed and implemented so that the nutrition plan can be fully customized to each individual athlete’s goals and lifestyle. We are experts in nutritional behavior change, nutrition periodization, weight loss, race day nutrition preparation and overall health and well-being.strong.Fuel4mance provides F4 members 10% off of any nutrition service offered. For more information about our services, please visit or contact Bob at

‘Justin’s Nut Butter’ started in 2004 as a means for fueling a high energy and vegetarian diet. Unable to find nut butters that were Organic and without the oily mess, yet more than just ground nuts in a jar, I decided to start making my own. In 2006 we launched our nut butter squeeze packs as a high protein, real foods snack for on-the-go.We are more than just a company. We are good community citizens, athletes, environmentalists, and dreamers. Our partnership with Fast Forward Sports is to help fuel and nourish your mind and body so you can achieve your goals.<p.Justin’s Nut Butter 1.15oz squeeze packs and 16oz jars can be found at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Vitamin Cottage, Boulder Farmer’s Market and Online at


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13 09 2007
24 Hours of Triathlon- Mission Accomplished! « FastForward Sports Blog

[…] at a fast enough rate.  He’d already discussed this with top sports nutritionist Bob Seebohar of Fuel4Mance, an F4 Resource Partner who was participating on a relay team, and he suggested backing off fluids […]

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