Saturday Post Run Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

1 12 2009

Following this Saturday’s F4 run, let’s help out a friend in need and head right over to this pancake breakfast fundraiser only a few minutes away.  Here are the details:


The Heiman family, Timothy, Tracy and two young sons live on North Cedar Brook Road and experienced the unthinkable some time ago.  Their youngest, Klaus, now six, contracted a rare form of cancer called a sarcoma. The operation has been performed in a New York City hospital and Klaus is back in school.  However, as one might expect, this family’s insurance company has been reluctant to pay the costs of the procedure and medical bills that have accumulated.
Please join us for a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser for Klaus on Saturday December 5th from 7:30am to 11:30am. We’ll be serving pancakes, side dish with coffee and juice at the Pine Brook Hills Fire House (link to map) 1907 Linden Drive.
We hope that you will place this benefit on your calendar and invite others, Pine Brookers or not, to attend.  It’s uncommon to have the chance to assist a family directly.  Here’s your opportunity.  Hoping to see you there!




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