About Scott

Scott Fliegelman – Executive Director/Head Coach of FastForward Sports, USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach, 2006 USA Triathlon All American

hatclose.jpg Scott founded FastForward Sports to provide an unparalleled experience for all who aspire to endurance sports training and racing. Scott hand selects and trains the Coaching Staff, and works closely with each and every runner throughout the season. He sets the vision for the Group Run Training model, and has established a professional and fun-filled community of runners and coaches working together to reach their goals. Together with feedback from F4 coaches and athletes, Scott crafts challenging training schedules with an understanding of how best to fit workouts into our regular lives.

sf-talk-5-28-06-b.jpg Scott prepared for the rigors of competitive running and triathlon through a carefully blended combo of collegiate tennis and professional snowboard racing. After running in his first Bolder Boulder 10K, he began a shift away from “skill” sports, and started in earnest down the path of suffering known as endurance sports.

With his running improving quickly and a few years of mountain bike racing behind him, the jump to triathlon seemed a logical choice. Only 5 weeks from the Boulder Peak Triathlon, he swam his first length of a 25-yard pool, with the intention of getting to the other side “in a hurry”. After 22 yards of splashing about and holding his breath under water, he walked the final 3 yards in shallow water, and collapsed out of breath on the pool deck. Thanks to the help of a wetsuit, and some well-needed expert swim coaching, Scott completed his goal at Boulder Peak that year, and “came out of the water unassisted!” Only a month later, Scott entered his second tri, the Harvest Moon Half Ironman. “It seemed like a reasonable progression…” he said. Standing on the banks of the Aurora Reservoir at 6 a.m., 29 degrees, light snow, and a refreshing breeze, Scott somehow felt strangely at home… less than two years later he became an Ironman (and then again in 2005 at Ironman Florida in 10 hours, 29 minutes). Read about his latest adventure at IM CDA ’07 here.


With real world, adult-learned experiences like these behind him (and ahead), and significant professional experience as Head Pro of the Sugarbush (VT) Tennis School, as a PSIA Certified Ski and Snowboard Clinician, retail shop owner, and years of marketing and program development in the Ski and Outdoor Business, Scott decided to share his newfound passions with others and develop a world-class Training Program for “aspiring and perspiring” athletes. Since 2002, Scott has hired, trained, and managed a staff of over 50 uniquely qualified Coaches, and worked closely with over 2,000 athletes in Boulder, Denver, and around the U.S. He and his staff have combined to help participants reach their goals from 5K to marathon, triathlon to pentathlon, and especially toward a life of better health, fitness, and self-image.

See Scott on CBS4 Denver, May 13th, 2007.

See Scott on 9News with last minute tips for the Bolder Boulder ’07


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