Coach Mark Loehr’s Next Challenge

3 08 2009

Thanks Mark for your outstanding coaching this season and for epitomizing the true spirit of the FastForward athlete these past few years.  All the best in your next venture… I’m sure we’ll see you at the races!

Fellow Athletes, Coaches and Friends

Farewell to FastForward

After months of part time looking, I have finally found my next corporate challenge. I accepted a new position that will give me the opportunity to build a consulting team for a small software company, which will be both challenging and rewarding. I really look forward to the new position.

Unfortunately, with all good news comes some bad news. I will be relocating to Atlanta over the next month. Leaving Boulder, my sister and her family, and my extended F4 family was the toughest part of the decision.

It was less than 5 years ago that I ran my very first half marathon during FastForward’s inaugural season (at 180 lbs.). Though never really fast, I fell in love with running and a year later was introduced to triathlons. It was the awesome coaching and guidance in that first triathlon year that really solidified the sport as a lifestyle for me (thanks Kitty!!). Just three years after that first 5430 Sprint, I crossed the line in Madison to become an Ironman. It was the crossing of that line that made me realize that if I can do this, anyone that wants to do a triathlon can!

Shortly after the Ironman finish, Scott and I discussed coaching a group. He agreed to give me the opportunity to assist with the Holiday program, and then as an assistant to Dean during the Canyonlands this past spring. I loved it!! Being able to share my experiences with fellow runners was great. During this time, I received my Level 1 certification from USAT and this spring, I coached my own group. I still love it, even more now! Working through everything from sore muscles to “too much travel and work” to “how do I setup my transition?” has been the best part.

So many people, over the past 5 years, have made a major impact on me and my life through this program. They are far too numerous to mention here, but THANK YOU to each. It is this support, confidence, encouragement, friendship, camaraderie and fun that I will always remember! Many people ask me “how do you manage to get through being laid off and for so long?” and the easiest answer is “surround yourself with happy, motivated, endorphin high athletes”. To me it is the prescription needed to get through the toughest times.

The one person I can not thank enough is Scott Fliegelman . As mentioned, Scott gave me the opportunity to pursue a career I have found more rewarding than anything in the corporate world. It still amazes me how he remembers SO many people’s names!! First being coached by Scott and then coaching for him, he REALLY cares about each and every athlete. He is always willing to lend a hand with anything that comes up. Thanks Scott!

Who knows what the future brings? I will be traveling with the new job and back in CO as often as possible and I am sure our paths will cross again, so please keep in touch! If you are ever in the Atlanta area, look me up. I plan to keep the same phone number, 303-564-0349 and my email is





5 responses

3 08 2009
Regina Daly


You will be missed. I really enjoyed training and getting to know you over the past few years. Good luck in Atlanta.


3 08 2009
Bob Moore


Good luck with your new challenge. Got to run with and know you a little bit the last few years, and you are right about the benefits of surrounding yourself with positive athletes, especially when times are tough.

Bob Moore

3 08 2009
Ruth Wood

Dear Mark,

Thank you for being such a caring, supportive, and motivational coach! This was my first time in a training group and it has been a wonderful experience. Best of luck to you in Atlanta. We will miss you,


3 08 2009
Barb Kauffman

Hey Mark –
Headed back to the South! I’m sure you’ll show those Atlantians (is that a word?) how to go from a 180 lb non runner to a ripped ironman/tricoach in a few short seasons…good luck with the job, don’t let them suck up all your training time…

6 09 2009
Myra Aronson

Mark I will definitely miss your support and inspiration this year. I hope you will find a way to coach again once you get settled in Atlanta and check in to F4 once in a while!

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