Wayne checks in from Down Under

6 04 2009

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A 10K Race with the Sydney Striders

By waynechrisitano

This morning, Saturday April 4, Wayne ran a 10K race sponsored by the Sydney Striders.  Here is his report.

The Sydney Striders are the main running club in Sydney.  They hold a 10K race on the first Saturday of most months.  The one today was at Lane Cove National Park, which is only about a 15 minute drive from where we are staying.

Some impressions of the club:  This is a pretty fast group.  And not just the young ones.  My time puts me well in the slower half of men 55-59, judging from previous races.  Most of the racers were members and were wearing Sydney Striders t-shirts.  The few visitors, like me, had yellow, rather than white, bibs.  Visitors get an official time, but not a ranking within their age group.  They didn’t even ask for my age.

The race started at 7 AM, which was a few minutes before sunrise, but it was light enough that there was good visibility.  It ended at 8 AM, because that was when the road was opened to traffic.  Racers coming in after 60 minutes did not get an official time and were told to consult their own watches.  I don’t think there were many.  There were official pacers for 40, 45, 50, and 55 minute finishing times.  Awards were given to the top 3 men and top 3 women, regardless of age.  The fastest men came in at around 32 minutes I think.  There was plenty of food and drink after the race.  There were a few door prizes, but no age-group awards, t-shirts, or “goody bags.” They did have some kind of electronic timing system.

I did well, considering that I have not been able to do much training in the last two months.  My goal was 50 minutes, and I was able to beat that.  I am still waiting for the official time, which will be posted on the website, but my watch said it was 49:21.  Because of the fact that the first half was mostly uphill and the second half was mostly downhill, I was able to run a negative split.  I ran the last 5K 1:33 faster than the first 5K.

While my goal was 50 minutes, that was mostly because it was a round number that seemed reasonably possible, given my training at this point.  I went by feel rather than pace.  I fell about 30 seconds behind the 50 minute pacer by the halfway point.  I gradually speeded up on the downhills and passed him at 8 km.

Every kilometer was marked.  Here are my kilometer splits:

K    Split time   Elapsed time

1   5:16               5:16

2   4:52            10:09

3   5:18            15:26

4   4:52            20:18

5   5:09            25:27

6   4:57            30:23

7   4:51            35:14

8   4:45            39:59

9   4:45            44:44

10  4:37           49:21

I didn’t think to take pictures until after most of the runners had left, and I remembered that my cell phone has a camera. Here is the tent where the food and drinks were:

Sydney Striders Tent

Sydney Striders Tent

Here is a view of the place where the race started.  The course went up the paved road where the car is going and back down the same way.

Race course at Lane Cove Park

Race course at Lane Cove Park




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