Edward’s First TRI

25 09 2008

Below submitted by F4 TRI athlete Edward Dageforde

Also, see IM MOO link for recently added race reports

I finally did my first triathlon!

But the real story starts earlier. Last year I joined F4 to train for duathlons and get comfortable on the bike. Earlier this year I poked at the idea of joining the triathlon training but I was hesitant. I am not a very good swimmer and I just could not see myself swimming in the open water.
Then during a winter training run Doug had the bright idea that I should just sign up and get the swim training if nothing else. And so I did.

The first swim in the pool wasn’t that easy. Within a few weeks we did a 15 minute time trial and I know I took a lot of breaks. Then after the Bolder Boulder we got a special F4 open water swim opportunity. I rented a wet suit and joined the crowd.

My group started easy. We swan in the waters close to shore. I got a chance to see how much buoyancy a wet suit provided. Then we were offered the chance to swim in the open water out to a buoy. I was not expecting to do that, but yet the wet suit gave me a sense of confidence knowing I could take a break at anytime and not sink. The wet suit became my walls in the pool, and so I went for it. I did take a lot of breaks, but there was no fear of the open water.

A week later I did my first open water swim in race conditions at the first Stroke and Stride of the season. It took a while but I was able to complete the swim with a number of breaks. The running afterward was easy.  Just a week later the 5430 Sprint was here. By this time I knew that it was a race that I could have done but the race was full. In just 3 months of training I was ready to do what I did not think I could do until next year.

The summer went by and I completed 3 more Stroke and Strides. I was getting better at swimming and needing fewer breaks. I completed the Mile High Duathlon Series but had yet to sign up for a Triathlon. Finally I picked one, and it turned out to be full. So I picked another later in the season, Crescent Moon Sprint. It was around my birthday, a fitting time to take the plunge so to speak, just as my first half marathon was two year ago.

Just 12 days before the race I sprained my little toe (don’t ask). It turned black and blue and I had it x-rayed. Luckily no fracture was seen, but still it was tender. After a 1 week break from running I tried on Tuesday with success. Mild discomfort but it was tolerable. I knew that I would not be denied my opportunity.

The day of the race was beautiful with a bright sun and hardly a cloud in the sky. It was a bit cool at 7 in the morning, but it would warm up nicely.
A dip in the water at 8 revealed water that was a bit cold at first but the feeling quickly passed. Once I started swimming by 8:10 I never even thought about it. I never took a break along the 750m course and even passed some people who were in the wave 5 minutes before mine (love the color-coded wave caps).

The first transition was rather slow with a long run through transition to my bike, trying to get my wet suit off, struggling to get my socks and bike shoes on, and then another long run to get out. Four minutes later (this is something I shall have to work on) I was finally headed out on the bike and passed quite a few people, some in my age group. I did not feel at all cold like I thought I would, being wet and it early in the morning. It was a beautiful ride around Cherry Creek Reservoir.

The second transition had that same long run, halfway with my bike and halfway without. I took little time changing to my running shoes and soon headed out. The run was a bit hilly in parts and I had a slight pain in both hips for some reason, something I had not experienced before, but there were also some nice downhill runs include one at the finish. As I flew toward the finish line I heard the announcer state that I was representing Fast Forward Sports (yes, I had on the gear) and then called out my name. It was a great finish.

The distance of the triathlon was only a sprint. Nothing too momentous especially compared to the recent Ironman Wisconsin participants.  Still for me it represents a starting point, not an end point, and I am looking forward to more next year including perhaps the 5430 series.

Scott says there is a time to train, and a time to play. With my last race of the season behind me it is time to play (and do a little recovery). See all of you next training season.




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7 10 2008

Congratulations Ed, you did a Great job of keeping up with the kids in soccer and I am glad you are staying in shape. Good luck

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