Where to Run?

8 08 2008

Good fun posted by Mountain Dave of the F4 Trail Runners

Greetings and good morrow–

So, in the spirit of an election year and with the Democratic Primary coming up on Tuesday (go WILL!!!), this Saturday morning at 5:58am, we will meet at the Justice Center and take a vote.

There will be an election. There may be opposing factions – we may go our separate ways until Sunday or Tuesday. There IS a plethora of desire and opinion to the point where I shan’t make thy lone decision, nor can I. Some have time and conditioning constraints, some don’t (or don’t know it).

I shall merely present options to ponder between now and then. Please come educated and prepared to decide!!!

Here’s the vote:

OPTION 1) – The Ultra-Conservative: Drive to Fourth of July TH, do Arapaho Pass. This is the upper half of Simogene.
Drive Time: about 40-50 minutes. Mileage: about 6 miles RT. Elevation gain: under 2,000.’ Guesstimated run time: 2-2.5 hours.

OPTION 2) – The Conservative: Drive to Fourth of July TH, do S. Arapaho Pk. This is a delightful jaunt with a power hike toward the top.
Drive Time: about 40-50 minutes. Mileage: about 8-9 miles RT. Elevation gain: about 3,000.’ Guesstimated run time: 2.5-3.5 hours.

OPTION 3) – The Moderate: Drive to Hessie TH, do the ol’ reliable, High Lonesome via Devil’s Thumb. An old classic.
Drive Time: about 30-40 minutes. Mileage: about 14-15 miles RT. Elevation gain: about 3,500.’ Guesstimated run time: 3-4.5 hours.

OPTION 4) – The Liberal: Drive to Heart Lake TH, do Seth’s suggestion, James Peak via Roger’s Pass (aka – the vertigo trail). A new classic.
Drive Time: about an hour. Mileage: about 16 miles RT. Elevation gain: about 4,500.’ Guesstimated run time: 4-5.5 hours.

OPTION 5) – The Ultra-Liberal: Drive to Nederland, find the rainbow people, drink till the end of time. Or run to Winter Park. See ya in the wildflowers kids.

Some general feel for stuff: http://www.protrails.com/area.php?areaID=5

I expect mulitple groups to do their own thing based on needs and availability. I am currently supporting Option 4 with a stop at “THE MANDATORY.” I will take no PAC money.

THE MANDATORY ON SATURDAY (time-permitting): A stop at the Wild Mountain Smokehouse Brewery in Ned for some frothy beverages and sweet potato fries (aka – the recovery).
THE MANDATORY ON SUNDAY (time-permitting): http://beeradvocate.com/events/info/19657 as I figure we will split into factions Saturday, it’d be great re-group to discuss and socialize on Sunday.

Love to everyone,




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