Support F4 IM MOO

29 07 2008

Ten month ago 13 FastForward Sports athletes decided to take on a challenge most would consider to be unthinkable…To become an Ironman. In recent months the mileage and time commitment they have made has been increasing. With only nine weeks left until Ironman Wisconsin, also known as IM MOO, their training consists of up to 20 hours a week of swimming, biking and running.

One of the best things about the IM MOO race is the unbelievable and amazing fan support. For the athletes this is what helps them to persevere throughout the long, exhausting and personally challenging day. As the F4 team Sherpas we have designed personalized T-shirts as way show our support for them and help our athletes to notice us in the crowd.

Even if you cannot join these extraordinary athletes in Madison on September 7 you can show your encouragement and support by wearing the T-shirt wherever that day finds you.

Visit our on-line store and checkout all of the options for you to support your favorite athlete! Proceeds will go to F4 IM MOO coach, Michael Stone’s Foundation Fighting Blindness. So you’d be supporting two great causes in one!

Please contact, F4 IM MOO Team Sherpa Captain, Jen Szabo if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Jen Szabo-Community Relations Director

FastForward Sports






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