Last Forward

28 07 2008
Submitted by veteran FastForward runner, Vince Kiel, who has moved to Thailand and is working hard on spreading the F4 word.

Hi Scott,

I imagine the summer distance program is in full-swing right now. But I have gained new perspective while here in Thailand…

While on a diving trip I noticed that my Thai friend (he lived in Boulder for 7 years) had not moved for hours. He was laid back in a lounge chair on the deck of the boat, smiling and listening to the reggae music playing over the sound system. I shook him and said “Bob, are you OK? You haven’t moved a muscle in over an hour!” He just smiled and said, “You Americans are so silly. When will you realize that happiness does not come from running about! It takes much practice for those of your ilk….but if you dedicate yourself to the goal of relaxing a bit more every day, life will take on a new, much deeper meaning. Of course everyone has different physical limitations. Maybe you must start with only one minute of quiet meditation at a time. The next day try 70 seconds. However, if you persevere, you will be as calm and relaxed as I am now. The Buddha spoke eloquently of this when he famously stated “When you are pre-recorded to rest, just press stay”

And so was born “Last Forward”, my training group for hyper-active Americans, Japanese and Europeans. So far I have only one member besides myself. But I sense this could be big!! I have identified a few people that I believe will be great coaches, every bit as inspirational as the Fast Forward coaches have known and loved over the years.

I miss you all!


Last Forward Coaches

My first training club member
Our Tom Watson Park



2 responses

28 07 2008
Matt Flanzer

Hi Vince!
I’ll be visiting Thailand in 9 weeks. I look forward to decreasing my resting heart rate while raising my beer-tate threshold. Where are your training groups organized?

10 11 2008
Carroll Trickey

Vince is this you. Man you’re hard to find. Email me I should be in Thailand. I remember your Thailand story. Ever get you money back Ha Ha

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