David Parrish ‘Honorary” Flip Flops

11 07 2008

David was the godson of one of FastForward’s most dedicated athletes.  Here is a wonderful project to  help honor David’s memory and the work that was so important to him.  Thank you for considering contributing $10 to get a cool pair of these flip flops and helping those in need.  Scott

David Parrish Flip Flops

In honor of the incredible life of David Parrish, a young man dedicated to helping everyone he came in contact with, Soles4Souls has developed the David Parrish Honorary Flip Flops.

Help continue the mission of David and Soles4Souls – getting shoes to those in need – by purchasing these unique sandals. Made with a logo designed by David and his sister Lesley, featuring the Flatirons that meant home to David, these flip flops will offer relief to someone in desperate need. Your $10 purchase of a pair of flip flops for yourself means that 2 additional pairs will be donated and sent to Africa for people experiencing hardships there.  Do not forget to choose the size that you wish to receive. The sizes and gender of flip flops to be distributed to Africa will be determined by the local need.  The flip flops will be available for shipment beginning in September 2008.

Make your purchase now.

About David Parrish

David Graeme Parrish
November 5, 1986 – March 26, 2008

David G. Parrish of Boulder, Colorado passed away in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on March 26, 2008 of a gunshot wound suffered while attempting to prevent an armed robbery against his mother. He was born in Boulder and attended Boulder High School. Upon high school graduation, David spent his freshman year of college at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS where he continued his fascination of course work in world geography and cultures originally ignited while at Dawson Middle School. Following his first year at K.U., David transferred back to the highly regarded Geography Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder where he was currently a junior with geography as his major. In the spring semester of his sophomore year, David studied abroad in Morocco where he was based in Rabat but traveled extensively throughout the country. During that semester abroad, David met Ms. Lina Cohen, a recent graduate of Pitzer College with whom he developed a very deep and caring relationship which was flourishing at the time of his death. In the fall semester of his junior year at C.U., David was added to the Dean’s List for academic excellence with a 4.0 grade point average.

David had a wry sense of humor which continually entertained his many friends and a keen sense of aesthetics which lives on in the many photographs he has left us. While the small stuff in his room was typically cluttered, the larger arrangement and alignment of things was well balanced and pleasing to the eye. His sense of dress was impeccable. He will of course, be remembered by his family and close friends for his rather unusual collection of shoes and fastidious attention to how and when each pair would be worn or simply kept on display.

David was always a sports enthusiast both as a participant and a fan. At Boulder High School, he was a member of the tennis team for three years including a year as captain while specializing as a doubles player. He also enjoyed working with weights, biking, golf and pick-up games of basketball wherever and whenever. He was an avid fan of the Denver Nuggets, the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Rockies as each season rolled around.

Driven by his African roots, David traveled extensively throughout his life always appreciating and respecting cultures wherever he was – whether in Europe, southern Africa, Japan, Thailand, Morocco, Costa Rica, Canada or Mexico. He never wished to hurt a soul and he was a friend to all.

Truth with humor and kindness, justice with love and fairness, and beauty in all things – these were David’s principles. They could transform our troubled world, if given the chance.




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