2008 FastForward 4-Miler!

29 03 2008

Congratulations to the nearly 200 who came out this morning to enjoy perfect weather and just the right environment for an early season Time Trial. The primary objective of today was to reveal current fitness, help establish a reasonable goal, and create up-to-date zones for training smarter over the next few months. From the looks on your faces at the finish line, I’d say… mission accomplished!

By combining the below information with additional personally-collected data such as heart rate avg./ max, and how it “felt” to run at this pace, you will be well on your way toward training smarter and racing faster in the coming months.

Note – based on feedback gathered over the past year and several F4 Training Programs, Zone 1 has been modified slightly to allow for a more comfortable and conversational effort. Note that you do not need to run AT your Zone 1 ceiling, but rather 30, 60, or 90 seconds slower than that ceiling is just as effective for building leg strength… the primary goal of all of our Zone 1 running.

2008 Official Results

See Fotos Here!




One response

30 03 2008

No freezing rain this time? What’s the challenge in that?

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