Flanzers report from LA

8 12 2007

Written by F4- West Coast Athlete Matt Flanzer
This past Sunday I ran the City of Angeles Half Marathon. It was a balmy
41 degrees at the start, and even colder as I parked downtown under cover of darkness and boarded one of the many buses bound for the start in Griffith Park, 13.1 miles to the northwest. I realize for you this probably sounds like a heatwave in December, but for L.A., that’s @*#!
cold. My hands were completely numb. Who owns gloves in Southern California?
Anyway, the race went pretty well. It’s a really groovy course, mostly downhill, but with a couple of uphill spots just to keep you honest. It goes through some very cool parts of L.A., too, finishing downtown after a 1/4 mile through a tunnel (which some people hated, but I thought was cool)! I’d give the race organizers a B+ — the whole bussing/parking system went very well, but for a 7:30 race start, I had to be on the bus before 6:30 (I was on the 6:15), leave my house by 5:30 (I had to pick up my race bib and chip at a friend’s house en route), and thus wake up at 4:30 AM in order to prepare myself! Also they seemed a bit overwhelmed by the numbers. The port-a-john lines were very long, especially at the start. Some water stations were undermanned – they couldn’t pour fast enough… but, that being said there were water stations and johns every 1.5 miles. And local bands, too! That’s pretty good. I’d recommend the race to others and do it again myself.

By the finish, it was probably 60 degrees, but I think the overall coolness dampened my thirst and I ended the race feeling poorly. Most likely I was dehydrated . Despite the fact that I carried my camelback, I only drank about 12 oz. for the entire race – only half of what I carried. I only ate one Clifshot, too. Hmm. I didn’t have the best time either : 2:12. But all things considered, that’s not so awful. I have been training at a 10:00 to 10:30 minute/mile pace these past several weeks, so that’s right in that range.

Training continues. The more I consider it, the more I believe I’ll continue on and hopefully run the full LA Marathon in March. We’re running 15 miles this Saturday. It scares the crap out of me. I have no idea how I can double last Sunday’s effort and survive.

Attached is a race photo from near the finish — showing the F4 love!
(Don’t ask me who the jackass is with the iPod sticking his hand in my frame… That dude was a good dozen yards behind me until he saw the photographers and then he started sprinting ahead waiving his arms around. Jackass.)





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10 12 2007


CONGRATS! I’m so proud of you!!


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