24 Hours after the 24 Hours- A Quick Overview

3 09 2007

After a short nap (about 20 of the past 26 hours), I wanted to post a quick report to be followed by a more detailed account coming soon.

We pretty much did exactly what we set out to do, and followed our plan nearly perfectly: 16 complete triathlons… consisting of 8 miles of swimming, 150.4 miles on the bike, and 44.8 miles of running!

Huge thanks and congrats go to ‘Team” Manager Julie (JJ) Johnson, who met me at the end of each and every lap (48!) with a smile, support, motivation, and exactly the supplies (food, drink, lights, clothing, etc.) that I’d need for the next lap… there is no way I could’ve done this without her:); Director of “Strategery”, Food, and Beverage, Michael Kelly… who is to be credited for helping craft a masterful plan, and then staying up and sharp minded for 24+ hours to help me execute the plan to near perfection; my wife Liz (and Tali), who helped get me to the start line ready to do my best (and help pick up the pieces after); to Mary Presecan for her hospitality and video production (coming soon), Ivy for his quick and effective light repair, Brian Klink for the company on the run, to Susan, Scott and Miki, Jackie and Tracy for being there with smiles, to Jen and Nancy for helping pull the race off in the first place, to all the incredible F4 athletes who participated along with me out there, the volunteers, and to Brad and Libby Birky of SAME Cafe, and all who made a pledge to this incredible cause, for providing the motivation to keep racking up the miles and $, whenever I felt like slowing down, taking a nap, or calling it quits… together WE DID IT!

Preliminary Results

More coming soon!





4 responses

3 09 2007

proud of you Fliegs!

16 round trips… WOW… beyond my comprehension, i had QUITE enough of that course by only 3. at least the up-and-down, jarring bike course, and, crash into each other swim course got me ready for Wisconsin.

see you in Madison soon! but, can’t wait for your insiders view race report… i think i learned i’m not 24HOT material, so, i will live vicariously through you!

once again, WELL FREAKIN’ DONE!!!

3 09 2007

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not even begin to comprehend what u have accomplished. Absolutely in awe of u! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

4 09 2007

Well done Scott! What an incredible accomplishment…perhaps Ultraman is in your future!?! Great to see your preparation and planning come together as you were driven with a sense of purpose & passion. Enjoy the downtime and taking in things at IMWI.

4 09 2007

Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear more!

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