24 Hours of Tri Update 3:07am

2 09 2007

It’s 3:07am and our Scott is still going! It’s hard to believe there’s only (yes ONLY) 5 hours to go! Scott is on the bike now. He’ll be back at 3:36am and then he’ll run. We have him on a strict diet of Dr.Pepper (The Miracle Elixir) and Coca-Cola. He’s in good spirits, although a wee bit tired.

To date, Scott has 15 swims, 13 bikes, and 12 runs.


More soon,





3 responses

2 09 2007

Go Scott!!! You’re kicking butt!

2 09 2007

thanks JJ!

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 09 2007

You looked awesome on the bike course yesterday. I was sending you energy while I was curled up in fetal position in my nice bed while you were gutting it out all night. Sooooooooooooo impressive.

Why were u drinking Dr. Pepper?????????????? What happened to fueling with Mountain Dew, Red Bull, etc????????????? Tell me your secret.

We are all so proud of you! Get some great rest. Gailmarie

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