24-Hours update

1 09 2007

The race is off to a great start!  The race has been going on for 5 hours and 30 min and Scott has completed

10 swims
4 runs
1  bike.

And he’s still feeling awesome. As far as the competion, they are still doing well. However, he’s got the most well organzied support crew that is well organized. JJ is doing all the communcation to Scott and Michael is the spreadsheet king keeping track of all the disciplines and nutrition.  And let’s not forget Liz who is Scott’s biggest cheerleader.

Stayed tuned for more updates.




One response

1 09 2007

just back from the 24HOT… i was on the course, and saw Scott in action, and of the toughest of the three disciplines right now, it was the swim! the course was quite technical for a swim, and local boat traffic waterskiing made for fairly rough conditions!

Scott is still the picture of calm… 10 swims, 4 runs, and 1 bike is outstanding…

keep at it Scott, you’re doing great!!!

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