24 Hours of Triathlon Pledge Update

5 08 2007

Thanks so much to those who’ve helped get things rolling with some very generous pledges toward my 24 Hours of Triathlon effort and SAME Cafe. Assuming I manage to hold up my end of the deal, then we are already looking at contributing well over $2000 to help Brad and Libby feed hungry people in Denver.

If you’d like to make a pledge per mile (I’m expecting 200-250 total swimming, biking, and running miles), please e-mail nancyk@fastforwardsports.net

Thank you,





2 responses

9 08 2007

great charity idea Scott.

i’m in too, and have you sponsored. i hope other F4’ers will join in.

i’ve followed Brett’s lead, and will double my pledge if you win.

good racin’ Fliegs!

11 08 2007

Working in a grocery store I see hundreds of pounds of food get wasted every week. My department alone either donates or throws away about $500 worth of edible food weekly. Multiply that by 172 stores and you get equal to enough lunches for an entire elementary school for a month. This astonishes me!

11.1 percent or 498,342 of Coloradoans live in poverty of which 14.5 percent are children. 12 percent of households in Colorado are food insecure, or food insecure with hunger (Stats of the States, Food and Research Action Center, 2003).

Not the best chef, I look too many of the local eateries to prepare my meals, not thinking twice about how I would afford it. An average meal at SAME Café is about five dollars and I spend more then that at these eateries. Think about it the next you eat out.

Thunderbird cheese burger w/onion rings $9.21
Red Robin grilled chicken salad $9.38
Breadworks ‘make your own salad’ $8.92
Mo’s Bagels Denver Bagel and apple $8.68
Spicy Pickle ‘make own’ sandwich $8.67
Subway 6″ Turkey w/Sunchips $5.61
Noodles & Company $8.21

What’s five bucks? Five dollars covers food costs and operating budget at the Cafe however, extra expenses are needed to help SAME Café grow and reach more Coloradoans in need of a meal.

With the money raised from Scott’s efforts at the 24 Hours of Triathlon on September 1st and 2nd the Café will be able to purchase a new refrigerator and/or freezer helping them to have more space to store food, which will help feed more people.

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