Why Wear TRI gear in a running race?

25 07 2007

Have you ever noticed that dude at your local 5K who insists on telling the world that he’s a triathlete by wearing his ultra-aerodynamic tri shorts, top, or worst-of-all his one-piece suit?  Experts tell us that there are little or no benefits to aero positioning on the bike until about 18 mph, therefore that tight fitting singlet may not be much help unless you are running sub 4 mile after sub 4 mile.

Enjoy the opportunity to wear some looser fitting running shorts, and top… still made of a breathable fabric of course, and let your closely shaven legs tell the crowd that you could run just as fast after a 1500 meter swim and 40K bike.

Am I missing anything?




2 responses

27 07 2007

Amen! Thanks for putting that out there. I always wondered why TRI’s did that…

30 07 2007

third that. next race i am running in daisy duke cutoffs and high heels. oh wait, that’s a whole different blog, isnt it?

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