Jen’s Boulder Peak ’07

22 07 2007

Jen Szabo- Boulder Peak TRI on July 22, 2007

Jen and Men’s Pro Winner, Matt Reed, hit the finish line ‘together’!


Have you ever wondered what F4’s motto “When you are pre-recorded for success…JUST PRESS PLAY” means? In the past three years it has progressively started to make sense, however after completing the Boulder Peak Triathlon for the first time I truly understand it! My progression as an “athlete” gets a step further every time I take a stride, stroke or spin and trust me it is often scary and I don’t always know what to expect. A wise ol’ soul once told me…”trust your training”.

While training I took a lot of notes of the things that I felt uneasy about and asked my coach, other coaches, guides, and my fellow teammates A LOT of questions (even the stupid/silly ones) to help ease that uneasiness. For example, I didn’t like the way I was controlling (or not controlling) my bike as I was climbing. So I noted what it was that I felt uncomfortable about; noting the moment it happens, what I was doing, how long it was for etc…Then I began to educate myself on how to make it better. I think the coaches I worked with can tell you that I got my money’s worth! (That is what they are there for!) I put into practice the things that I learned and come race day I was able to conquer Old Stage both mentally and physically…I even passed a few people!

Being pre-recorded means to me that I’ve done the training, taken the notes, practiced the things that would come up during the race so that when the gun went off all I had to do was PRESS PLAY. The fears and anxieties went away (mostly)!

Although I was tired when I crossed the finish line on Sunday, I knew I had succeeded. Not because I meet my four hour time goal by finishing in 3:59:59 but because I raced smart, had fun, felt confident and trusted my training to get me through even if at times I didn’t trust myself.




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